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The Warren Community Foundation is a newly-formed nonprofit with the objective of coordinating, marketing, and implementing community events designed to promote the welfare of the residents of Warren, Michigan and to donate the proceeds to charitable and educational organizations doing good works. Headed by veteran businessman John Johnson, WCF held it's inaugural event, Run for Warren 5K, last summer.

Joyful Website Design (JWD) devised the online identity of Warren Community Foundation from the ground up. Working alongside WCF, JWD established the mission statement and goals of the organization while spearheading communications by conceiving the site structure, the page content, and composing all copy. Starting with the construction of a logo, a visual aesthetic and a color scheme was forged that is striking yet pleasant and highlights locations of pride in the community of Warren.


JWD was also made the sole administrator of several key operations. Ticketing and registration for all events is accomplished right on the site, without the hassle of a third-party service and their fees. Previously unable to accept online donations, a PayPal account was created and traffic drawn to the page. Promotion for the events is also handled by JWD through social media management and advertisement coordination.

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