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Warren Community Foundation

As the principal organizer of Cruisin' 53 and Run Warren Center Line 5K, as well as a philanthropic foundation, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been distributed to local nonprofits through the Warren Community Foundation.

“Explore, experience, then push beyond.” - Aaron Lauritsen.

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Utilized quote to express values succinctly


In thinking of ways to expand on the idea of aiding the community, the mobilized idea behind the Warren Community Foundation, I selected and incorporated an affecting quote that would be immediately visible when the page loads. This enables the reader to contextualize the rest of the content they would encounter in that principal idea.

Clarified goals of the organization


The creation of the Warren Community Foundation website happened in tandem with the founding of the organization. JWD worked directly with the client to define the identity and the goals of the organization and scripted it throughout the site, including these four points on the homepage.

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Screenshot_2022-11-03 LunaPic com Photo Editor Drawing Tool tool (1).png

Utilized animations to draw focus


Here is an example from the How We Help page of one of the many animated content components utilized throughout the website. As the user scrolls down to the section of the page, the list of donated amounts swings out to the right in a pleasing manner to align in the strip and draw the reader into an experience of the content as the client intends.

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