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Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Led by CEO John Johnson, the Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce connects local business leaders, local government officials and nonprofit leaders to create cooperative environments throughout Macomb and invest in their communities.

“I do not explain, I explore.” - Marshal McLuhan.

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Vibrant homepage imagery and eye catching color scheme


JWD specialized in bright, bold bursts of color laid against dark, textured imagery to help important content pop. Here, I used a rich purple that I also used in creating the SMCC logo to frame a detailed and arresting image of the Detroit coast. By leading the user to this txtured image, I also lead the user to the relevantly pithy greeting text and accompanying educational links.

Clarified organizational structure with geneology tree graphic


The Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce is comprised of two other chambers that also have other sub-organizations. I suggested to the client I create a graphic in the style of a geneology tree to clarify the entity to newcomers. The client has since enthusaistically incorporated the graphic into chamber communications to members and the wider community.

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Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 4.09.33 PM.png

Facilitate membership payments


The chamber relies on have a convenient and safe platform to complete financial transactions in the hundreds or thousands for members to pay fees. JWD was entrusted with the client PayPal account to create a checkout experience linked to the website and give consumer confidence to the user.

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