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North-Oakland Residential Services (NORS) is a Michigan nonprofit corporation with over 30 years of dedicated service to developmentally disabled adults. NORS operates 18 residential programs located in a geographic corridor encompassing northern Oakland and Macomb Counties. Currently 100 individuals are supported, nurtured, and loved in their own homes receiving the highest quality of care.

Joyful Website Design (JWD) was launched with the redesign of NORS’s site, used primarily to provide referral sources, family members and guardians of those NORS serves with an overview of the company’s programs and locations, with the goal of placing loved ones as close as possible to their own homes or daily travels for convenience. As individuals are referred to a home in one of the 18 communities NORS resides, families and guardians can easily search the Locations tab that JWD created that highlights all programs by county. With one click on a home’s image, users are delivered a pop-up page pinpointing the location on Google Maps, along with a second image of the residence.

JWD also helped NORS transform its hiring process by developing an interactive online employment application that delivers directly to the executive director’s inbox. With the ability for applicants to provide long-form answers to an expanded list of preliminary questions NORS asks all interviewees, the application JWD created has helped the company expedite its hiring process.


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