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The preeminent homeless services organization in Macomb County. For over 25 years, MCREST has been helping individuals experiencing homelessness transition to independence.

“Exploration is curiosity put into action.” - Don Walsh.

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Utilized collage of the faces of homelessness


The client wanted to stress that homelessness affects people of all races, ages, genders and dispel stereotypes about their guests. I went through all provided and collected photography and cropped the most expressive pictures to immediately greet the site user with the true diversity of unhoused community in Macomb County in a visceral way.

Contextualized client mission in the county and state


I stressed to the client in our first meeting the importance of providing quick, evocative statistics that will get the utility of MCREST across to the user in a way they will retain. The client and I both used online resources to compose a potent list of statistics and juxtapose it with MCREST's internal impact statistics to demonstrate their success.

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Improved donation drive with custom thermometer code


The client has an annual fundraising drive from October to December. The website serves as the primary tool to make the case to donors as well as facilitate the actual exchanges. JWD knew research showed that thermometer graphics increased interaction with the campaign and drove higher donation numbers. In the years since its implementation, the client has noted a significant increase in traffic.

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