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Michigan Ability Partners (MAP) is a nonprofit headquartered in Ann Arbor since 1985 that offers support to vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental illness or disabilities. They specialize in assisting veterans. Through their extensive services they offer permanent and temporary housing, programs to help with money management and other skills through mentoring, but also secure employment by championing their clients and fostering opportunities with local businesses.


Joyful Website Design (JWD) worked alongside MAP to develop and transcribe rhetoric on their programs, services, history and more while greatly expanding the page structure and utilization of their existing site. Through this process, JWD helped define the organization, which works across several fields and communities, with a coherent narrative and a succinct representation of their mission and services that is easily navigated. JWD added to the functionality of MAP by creating tools such as a volunteer form, an appealing donation page, inclusion of easily accessed documents, and a well-organized events page.


JWD also created an impactful design by using a black and white detailed photograph of a veteran visiting a memorial to add a sense of texture to the background and constant visceral context of what the organization does, and also allows the green and yellow color scheme determined by the MAP logo to pop. Five client testimonials are the main fixture of the homepage, tastefully humanizing the importance of their work. The imagery of the site offers a strong visual theme despite MAP's lack of available archival photography.

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