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Cruisin 53

A beloved annual car cruise, this event is a staple for the communities of Warren and Center Line. Cruisin' 53 is conceived and organized by the Warren Community Foundation.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” - J R R Tolkien.

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Facilitate car registrations


All vehicle registrations and fee payments for the car cruise and competition are handled through a checkout form JWD hand-designed and embedded into the website. Using the linked software, I also collect and transfer registrant information to Excel documents used by the event organizers to facilitate the check-in and adjudication processes onsite.

Designed handy cruise route map


The client agreed with my suggestion to create a cruise route map. The usefulness of a graphic that could be widely distributed to educate not just the participants but the local populus of the path would serve as a handy tool to communicate key event information in a simple visual style.

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Malleable and prominent display of sponsor logos


The lifeblood of this event financially is the sponsor support. Not only do the sponsorship packages cover the costs of the event but also make up the vast majority of the monies raised for local nonprofits. JWD maintains this flexible but striking collection of sponsor logos, also serving as webpage links, that can be frequently updated to include new sponsors as they are enlisted and deliver on a main sponsorship perk.

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