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Creative Decks and Finished Carpentry, LLC is a full service carpentry business offering custom built decks, trellises, gazebos, fences, ramps, complex repairs and home remodeling. Owned and operated by the husband-wife team of Contracting Officer Representative Ruby Mayville and Contractor Steven Mayville, this business focuses on high-quality craftsmanship and communication.


CDFC is a brand new, yet very credentialed, organization. Steven served as crew leader for multiple years with another company and Ruby has an advanced level of managerial skill. Weeks after their launch they contracted with Joyful Website Design (JWD) to help establish their online voice, from logo creation to narrative-building to copywriting. JWD chose to highlight the accessibility and personal care delivered by Ruby and Steve, understanding that depicting them as they are, honest and friendly individuals, establishes trust in an industry where that is key.


A bright aesthetic was established, paired with a simple scrolling format and light animations to unfold the website like a storybook. Abundant and large high-resolution imagery of the work adds color and establishes the visual narrative. JWD created a hand-drawn graphic to make the step-by-step construction process fun and easy to grasp. The language is informal and forges familiarity while offering a comprehensive experience of the build process. JWD also assembled a custom form for visitors to request a quote ensuring there are no missed connections.


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