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Campaign Websites

Local politicians running for office need simple, attractive, concise yet comprehensive websites to reach the public with their messages for voters. When they are elected, they need a place to teach their constituents of their actions.

“One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller.

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Helped candidate develop positions through copywriting


In working with Tammy Patton, candidate for Clinton Township Trustee, to develop her website, I drafted a candidate questionnaire asking for details on policy position, political ideology and office goals to be answered in bullet point format. I then took those answers provided and constructed all website copy, as well as the copy used in mailer pieces also created by JWD.

Transformed website from campaign to officeholder


A year after her successful election to the Clinton Township Board of Trustees, Tammy Patton reached out to JWD to transition the website from an outdated campaign site to a tool to communicate her achievements and continued work in office. JWD engaged in a similar information gathering process to the campaign profile and wrote new copy, updated imagery, repurposed website pages and added new content to make this flexible site framework reflect the new circumstances of the client.

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