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Run Warren Center Line 5K

A United States Track and Field Association certified course sets its starting line at Warren City Hall every August for this annual charity 5K and courses through the neighborhoods of Warren.

“Explore, experience, then push beyond.” - Aaron Lauritsen.

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One page scroll site uses anchors to emphasize simplicity


This type of event is one that is relatively simple in its scale and there is only so much that needs to be established in terms of communication. My approach was to create a single page website that offers a complete viewing if you scroll from top to bottom. The menu buttons link to anchors that transport you to a particular spot on the page. This offers the user a clean, easy experience that ensures they don't miss anything.

Dynamic central illustration captures imagination


I am firm believer in an expansive, relevant and eyecatching central image at the top of the homepage to establish the visual aesthetic of the website. Instead of relying on imperfect photographs of past years of the 5K event, I found a colorful and transporting image of a runner to add vibrancy to the mental picture the user has of the event.

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