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3rd Circle is a nonprofit organization that develops personalized support services for people of a variety of different abilities. Rooted in the philosophy of Gentle Teaching, 3rd Circle strives to strengthen the fabric of companionship and community for all those we serve. The organization’s innovative approach to direct support is grounded in the recognition and celebration of the intrinsic value of each individual.

Joyful Website Design (JWD) created 3rd Circle’s website from scratch with the start-up company’s request to utilize a scrolling format in telling the organization’s story. Helping to establish 3rd Circle’s brand identity, JWD employed the same fonts, colors and creative feel of its newly-designed logo in the site’s layout. JWD also recommended a personalized copy tone and image-rich approach to communicate the company’s human service focus. Primarily established as a mechanism for receiving online job applications, the text and imagery provide a glimpse into 3rd Circle operations for potential employees. In addition to developing some original content and providing copy editing, JWD built an interactive job application that delivers directly to the executive director’s inbox, which has expedited 3rd Circle’s hiring process.


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