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Website Design, Maintenance and Graphic Design

Curated. Concise.

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Who am I?

I created Joyful Website Design, LLC in 2016 and have been developing my skills and portfolio ever since.

There is no red tape with me. You will not have to root through secretaries or employee teams to get answers or accountability. When you call or e-mail me, you get me. This accessible partnership ensures that your experience will be fruitful and leave you ulcer-free.

More importantly, I have a keen eye for aesthetic and design. I know how to direct the eye of the consumer. I'm perceptive and after a conversation I will understand what is important to you and how to optimize your website to highlight your values. Together, we will advance your brand in a busy marketplace with useful tools that are more vital than ever to your success.

I am a resident of Wixom, Michigan though I grew up in Sterling Heights. Aside from my business, I am a professional actor and vocalist belonging to the Actors Equity Association. I spent some time living in New York City represented by a top talent agency.

Here is what I can do for you.
Website Conception, Construction and Publication

From an initial conversation where we establish your project goals, honor your organizational values, define a visual palate and develop a content structure, I will draft, revise and publish a full CMS website using Wix (or your preferred platform), with custom displays for computers and smart phones. The client's input will be sought out and implemented through consistent dialogue, from the initial brushstrokes to the final touches. View samples here.


Standard Rate

50% Deposit Required

Website Maintenance

Do you have an existing website in need of updating? Whether it is some light revisions or a major overhaul, I can complete the tasks needed to get your site where you want it to be. You set the size of the job and provide the login information and leave the rest to me. Platforms offered: Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, GoDaddy, Weebly.


Finding the right words can be excruciating. Tongues can get tied. Let me use my vocabulary to illustrate your points clearly and evocatively. Provide prompts, bullet points, or composed documents (like an Annual Report) and I will find your words for you. Or let's build it from the ground up through conversation. View samples here.

Newsletters and Contact Management

Keeping in touch with those who interact with your business or nonprofit is key. I can help you utilize newsletters and specialized messaging to build a strong relationship with your customer or client base -- and create consistent, recurring engagement. I can use Mailchimp, Constant Contact or other contact services.

Graphic Design

Effective communication is not solely a matter of language. Imagery, color scheme and presentation are integral to being understood. Give your organization eye-popping pieces that will captivate people at their mailbox, on a window or their social media feed. View samples here.

Flyers, Forms, Postcards, Tri-Fold Brochures, Informational Literature, Programs, Slide Decks, and Custom Projects

Logo Creation

A picture is worth a thousand words. A bold, intentional and striking visual symbol for your organization is the stickiest way to stay with your target audience. Invest in your brand to grow strong.  View samples here.

Do you have questions or just want to get to know JWD's ideas for your project? Have a free consultation via Zoom, telephone, or in-person.


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What is JWD?
What is JWD?


Joyful Website Design, LLC works directly with you to ensure that your website represents you and your business in a way that feels authentic and attractive to the eye. 

In today's digital age a strong online presence is absolutely key and integral to sustainability and growth as a business.  And getting one doesn't need to break the bank. I offer simple, pleasing, yet comprehensive sites that will never leave the visitor wondering where to click.

JWD is the ideal choice for nonprofits, small business owners and independent contractors.

Your brand is important to me and I will ensure a product you connect to and can use as a calling card. JWD offers an abundance of patience and personal responsibility.

Recent Websites



I keep strong standards.
Visual Communication

By using vibrant, expressive and contextualized imagery, both photography and iconography, married with purposeful font selection, sizing and coloring, the eye of the user can be guided with intentionality. Your site's content will be presented in a way that increases retention of important facts and aspects, as well as providing an organic experience of your organization's cause and culture.

Information Prioritization

No one wants to dive into a thick, dense slab of Times New Roman text. The eyes naturally glaze over. One of my best skills is drawing ideas out from large documents, web sources and provided materials to synthesize information into clear, easy-to-understand pages and sections that accurately tell your story in a way that will stick with the user without overwhelming the senses.

Practical Technological Solutions

Let's talk about what burden for your business or nonprofit could be lifted through technology. You'll be amazed at the amount of functional tools that can be embedded into your site and clear up major headaches. Easy-to-use online tools can free up your schedule. If you can dream up a solution for your pesky logjam, I can make it happen.

Open Book Work Process

It creates anxiety when you give money to an independent contractor and they go dark on you. Throughout our working relationship, I will provide full access to the materials as I work and communicate with you as much as you wish. Our project will feel like a proper collaboration and ensure you get the product you desire.

The Magazine Concept

The ideal experience with a website mirrors that of reading a magazine. If one thumbs through it idly, they will be guided and captured by evocative imagery, bright color, and have a personal experience with your brand led by their own curiosity. But if they come to the website with a specific goal in mind, they can use the menu, or the Table of Contents, to simply find what they are looking for. It's construction should enable both experiences at all times.




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